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The importance of a communication strategy

Business StrategyIt is astounding the number of times I have met with potential clients that expect immediate activations from our consultancy with no regard to any goals and objectives that have to be met. Many have been the times that they “need an event” but do not know what they want to achieve other than a “get together”.

Strategic planning should form the basis of any activation that is implemented and must support the company’s overall business plan, inclusive of the company’s goals and objectives. Public relations and communication efforts should support and align with a company’s vision, mission, goals and objectives. It is a foundation from which to monitor progress, assess results and develop new programmes and activations.


Is Team Building Worth The Cost?

PCR Hand StackIn the modern competitive business environment, once the layers of semantics have been peeled away and consideration given to what is, and what is not, included in any product or service offering, it is sometimes very difficult to establish any real discernible differentiation between organisations.

So what gives some companies a sustainable advantage over others in exactly the same market segment? Simply put, it's the people that make the difference. There are numerous studies which prove that a well-motivated and positive attitude amongst staff members not only improves overall productivity, but also creates the right image with the target market. It’s this image that makes for a sustainable differential.


Measuring digital communication

Digital communication has transformed the way we communicate and interact with our stakeholders. It gives us the means to share our goals, news, products and services in real-time to the whole world.

We can now publish presentations, videos, images and many more digital communication tools across a vast selection of digital platforms. Reaching our target markets with the right information at the right time has become easier and easier.

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