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Five subtle but effective digital marketing strategies

The buzz phrase in digital marketing has been “content is king” over the past few years. As entrepreneurs, we all know the only constant in our world is change. And with that, content marketing is evolving. Most content is creating noise and assaulting our senses as consumers. It is time to maximize our efforts, simplify and build content that engages, acquires and converts.


Five steps to regain control of your digital marketing

As a marketer you are faced with an ever changing landscape of new tools, channels, tactics, and strategies that you are being forced to assess and put to practice. Whether you are a startup or independent marketer who is trying to find the best method for their marketing or a large multinational corporation that is trying to uncover the new landscape of digital, it can be depressing.


A good reputation is the driver of business value

Most organisations continuously seek for possible solutions to standout from their competition and potentially gain more business. What is really essential for every organisation is to understand the needs and expectations of its target audience, to ensure they are achieved and even exceeded. By understanding the principles of public relations, and employing them regularly, an organisation may enjoy a competitive advantage and business growth.

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